Veeder-Root Tank Gauging

Veeder-Root Tank Gauging

Veeder-Root is the world’s leading supplier of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG’s) and offers a wide range of products to meet the various needs of retail petroleum sites.  Kubat Equipment and Service offers the following ATG/TLS Monitoring products from Veeder-Root:

  • TLS-450PLUS – automatic tank gauge system, most advanced system for fuel asset management.
    • AccuChart
    • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)
    • Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD)
    • Enhanced performance
    • Data logger
    • Timed Sudden Loss Detection
  • TLS4c/TLS4i – automatic tank gauge systems
    • Temperature Compensated Volume
    • Advanced Sensor Technology
    • Standard Delivery Report
    • Smart Communication
    • Inventory Level
    • Graphical User Interface

Gilbarco/Veeder-Root’s Insite360 is another important part of your business equation.  Insite360 offers:

  • Environmental risk and compliance management
  • Fuel logistics and planning support
  • Site equipment monitoring and uptime
  • Fuel loss analysis and fuel inventory control
  • 24/7 access to Critical Information
  • Efficient data collection and web-based reporting

The services offered by Insite360 are web-enabled applications that provide greater control, less effort, and better results for environmental compliance, fuel management and equipment uptime.

Veeder-Root innovations continue to meet the petroleum industry’s growing needs for measurement and monitoring.  Veeder-Root continues to offer better solutions through new environmental sensing technology and smarter tank gauging systems.  Kubat Equipment and Service compliments the Veeder-Root line by efficiently and competently tank gauging systems and other products.

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