Rotary Automotive Lifts

Rotary Vehicle Lifts

Kubat Equipment and Service offers hydraulic light duty vehicle lift products and special tools manufactured by Rotary Automotive Lift. Rotary Automotive Lift products, which have been designed to meet and exceed industry standards, have been installed and serviced by Kubat in a variety of different market segments, including dealerships, independent repair shops, and municipalities. Rotary Automotive Lift customers get more than just steel; they get the industry’s finest engineering, innovation and support.

Kubat offers the following Rotary light duty lifts (under 30,000 lbs):

  • Two Post
  • Inground Smartlift
  • Four Post General Service
  • Four Post Alignment
  • Pad Lifts Low Rise

Rotary Automotive Lift also offers productivity tools and products that can help with bay solutions. Contact Kubat with any questions about which Rotary Automotive Lift products will fulfill your lift needs.

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