Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment

Piusi USA is a pioneer in the industry of DEF transfer.  They offer a wide range of DEF equipment:

DEF Tote Kits

DEF Drum Kits

Rotary Hand Pump

Digital Flow Meter

Piusi MP – air operated diaphragm pumps

DEF Hosereels and other accessories

And much more…

The Piusi Three25 Premium DEF Tote Kit is a newly redesigned dispenser system for IBC tanks, created to ensure optimum durability and efficiency.

The Drum Kits are dispensing kits designed to allow a quick switch out of empty DEF drums on the fly.

Piusi MP air-operated diaphragm pumps pumps have high quality diaphragms making it possible to transfer water and chemicals such as DEF

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