Kubat Equipment and Service is proud to offer a line of products from OPW. OPW Fueling Components lead the way in the design and manufacture of reliable dispensing hardware, underground fuel tanks and storage tank equipment, above ground fuel tanks and storage tank equipment, secondary containment, and fuel transfer piping systems. Products offered by OPW are characterized by unparalleled dependability, durability and reliability.

Standard equipment offered by OPW through Kubat includes:

Automatic Gas Station Nozzles and Accessories

  • 11B® Pressure-Sensing Automatic Nozzles
  • 7H & OPW 7HB® Pressure-Sensing Automatic Shut-Off Nozzles
  • 11BP-0492 Alternative Fuel Nozzles
  • OPW 6 NEWGARD™ Full Hand Insulators
  • 8 FILLGARD™ Splash Guards

Bulk/Manual Nozzles and Accessories

Swivels and Breakaways

  • Multi-Plane and Single-Plane Swivels
  • Swivel Breakaway Combos
  • Single-Use Breakaways
  • Reconnectable Breakaways
  • E-85 Alternative Fuel Swivels & Breakaways
  • Vapor Recovery Products

Flexible Piping & Containment Systems

Underground Storage Tank Equipment

  • Phase I CARB Certified Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR)
  • Spill Containment Manholes
  • Manholes and Monitoring Well Equipment
  • Fill Pipe Connection Equipment
  • Overfill Prevention Equipment
  • Tank Venting Equipment

Emergency Shut-Off Valves

  • Emergency Shut-Off Valves
  • Vapor Line Shear Valves
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Dispenser Pedestal

Suction System Equipment

Aboveground Storage Tank Equipment

  • Spill Containment Manholes
  • Overfill Prevention
  • Fuel Delivery Couplers/Accessories
  • Tank Alarms
  • Tank Venting
  • Pressure Vents
  • Open Atmospheric Vents
  • Anti-Siphon Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Emergency Shut-Off Valves

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